Buildings and low-carbon society (old one)

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Materials from the Towards Low-Carbon Societies Project

Low carbon society and buildings

Low carbon buildings in Poznán

This video is made by the building group of the Poznan pilot course. In this video, you will find more information why this topic is important in the Poznan context. 

Climate impact of wooden buildings

This publication is made by Elias Hurmekoski. In this publication, you will find more information about the climate impact of the construction. There is also more detail information how wood and concrete differ by climate impact.

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Research of  wooden construction

This presentation is made by Timo Pakarinen from the Karelia University of Applied Science.  In this presentation, you can find information what they are doing in the field of wooden buildings research. Check the presentation from underneath.

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METLA building and advantages of wooden buildings

This presentation is made by Henrik Heräjärvi from the University of Eastern Finland. Is focused on the wooden METLA building on the University of Eastern Finland campus area but it also contains information about advantages of wooden buildings. Check the presentation from underneath.

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Other interesting materials

IPPC report about buildings

Underneath you can find building chapter from IPCC climate change mitigation report from the year 2014. This chapter will give you information on new development innovations but also about behavioural aspect.  Check the chapter underneath.

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Green roofs in Waterloo

Behind this link, you can find a project example of the green roofs. This project is made by the city of Waterloo from Canada. In this file, you can what they have done and what they find advantages of the green roofs.

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Summary for policymakers

Here you can find a summary for policymakers about buildings and climate change it is made by UNEP. In this summary, there are suggestions how different level policymakers can promote low carbon buildings.

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Green actions of the city of Freiburg

This PDF is made by the city Freiburg, and it is all about their great actions to make the city more low carbon. Check this from underneath!

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Here some social media

Here some social media