Cycling as a part of the solution




Cycling as a part of the solution




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Work methods

Transportation and cycling were one of the teams in the Poznán pilot course. Their job was figure out how to promote low carbon transportation in Poznán. They choose to tackle this with cycling.

Their working was based on visits. First, they got some general information about low carbon society, and after that site-specifically.  After that, they used their actual working methods which were real-life case study visits which lasted two days. Based on this study visits students composed their project proposal which was presented at the end of the pilot course.

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This kind of intensive case study based study has some demands. First, you should arrange enough basic information about the topic and work methods for students. Secondly, you get some non-academic partners to give lectures on site-specific low carbon actions.  And third, you should organize some real-life case study visits for students.


In the Poznán pilot course transportation group made a proposal how to promote university students commuter cycling. After they recognized that as a problem after some interviews.Check their proposal.

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An example of a study module framework

Day 1Introduction of the low-carbon society
Day 2Site-specific low carbon information
Day 3Real-life case study visits
Day 4Real-life case study visits
Day 5Making a reportage of study visits
Day 6Presenting the reportage
Day 7Making a site-specific low-carbon society project proposal
Day 8Making a site-specific low-carbon society project proposal
Day 9Presenting the project proposal