Energy solutions presentations

Climate actions in North Karelia Finland

This presentation is made by the regional council of North Karelia in Finland. In this presentation, you can find information on what they have done, and how they are promoting low carbon energy production in North Karelia, and what they find as challenges in low carbon development. Check their presentation from underneath!

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New renewable energy sources

This presentation is made by Kasperi Karhapää from energy production company Fortum. In this presentation, he tells you about their new bioenergy product Otso bio-oil. It is a new innovative product which can help us reduce the use of fossil fuel.

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Climate actions in Catalonia

This file was one of the reference materials of the Girona pilot course. This file deals with climate change in the region of Catalonia.  There are several different themes in this report so it is definitely worth checking. However, you can find the energy part of chapter 14.  In this chapter, you will find what has been done at what are the plans in Catalonia. 

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