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Translating bioenergy policy in Europe

This article deals with bioenergy policies in Europe. It gives you information about how EU policies are confronted by the local factor. The article also gives you information how EU´s 2020 renewable energy target has affected Finland´s, Germany´s, Norway´s, Estonia´s and France´s energy production and what kind of traits are behind of the development.

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Bioenergy use in Finland

This website is being produced by the climate guide. This site provides more information on bioenergy use in Finland. First, there is some information about what bioenergy is and how it can be classified into different groups based on fuel types. In addition, there is information on bioenergy’s environmental impacts and how bioenergy can be produced in a sustainable way. 

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Bioenergy production in Finland

This PDF-file is made by MOTIVA. First of all, it gives your information of Finland’s energy consumption. However, it also gives you information of Finland’s bioenergy production, for instance, ways of transporting energy produced by bioenergy. In the end, there is also some information about how wood is being processed for the use of energy production. 

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An example of a biofuel

This video deals with UPM Bioverno biofuel which has been made from pulp residue tall oil. UPM has won the first place on the travelling category on the year 2014 sustainable Europe energy awards. Check the video and learn more about Bioverno!

Reaching 2020 targets with renewable energy

This article is made in 20111, and it will explain to you what is needed to reach 2020 targets concerning the energy sector.

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Tax incentives as a solution for promoting green electricity? 

These researchers have studied the influence of taxes on promoting green electricity. Their study looked into green electricity tax situation in 27 European countries. 

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Future of renewable energy

This presentation is dealing with global renewable energy production, and it’s future. In addition, it clarifies the future potential of different renewable energy sources. Check this presentation from underneath.

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The carbon footprint of a biogas plant

From underneath you can find an article which the Vildemuls student group used as one of their sources.

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