Land use external materials

What can you find on this page?

On this page, you will find interesting news, publications and websites which were not used in the pilot courses but are connected to the case studies. Check these from underneath! 

The amount of livestock

This news will clarify you how much of the world mammals are actually livestock.

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How land use affects the climate change and biodiversity?

From this article, you will find more about the relation of land use, climate change and biodiversity. Check it from underneath!

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How forest suffer from climate change?

From this publication, you will learn how climate change has affected tree species in the northern hemisphere.  As a result of the climate change, most of the tree species have spread northern than before and likewise, those species have vanished from the southernmost areas of the distribution. 

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Agriculture and climate change

Agriculture has definitely significant effect to the climate change. However, agriculture is necessary for the society. Learn more about this complex relationship from underneath.

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