Low-carbon actions cities and villages


Low-carbon actions in cities and villages





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Low carbon practices of cities and villages in Finland 

There are low carbon actions taking place in cities and villages

What did we do?

Work methods

Low carbon cities and villages were one of the themes at the Joensuu pilot course. Working with this group was based on work-life related case study visits and expert lectures. However, before the visits student did some pre-assignments related to low carbon society and climate change. Moreover, at the beginning of the course student got some more site-specific low carbon information, and at the next day more information about the methods of this course.

During next three days student had lectures and case study visits with experts. These were based on their topic. After these lectures and visits, students had a couple of days to prepare their seminar presentations. After these days presentations were presented at the final seminar of the course. Experts and work-life partners were also invited to this event.  

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This kind, of course, has some resource demands. First of all, you should be able to provide enough information about low carbon society and climate change in order to carry out this kind of intensive course. You should also get some contacts with work-life partners and experts related to the topic. These contacts are crucial to get students work-life related visits but also to discuss and formulate suitable research question for students.


As a study outcome students made a scientific poster. In this poster, students clarify what methods both cities and villages could find useful when enhancing low carbon society. Check the poster from underneath! 

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These students made also another study outcome in a form of a popular kind of video. The idea behind this video is to give information about cities and villages low carbon actions to non-expert citizens. Check the video from underneath.

An example of a study module framework

Day 1Introduction to the topic
Day 2Introduction to the work and reporting methods
Day 3Study visits and lectures
Day 4Study visits and lectures
Day 5Study visits and lectures
Day 6Working with reporting and presentations
Day 7Working with reporting and presentations
Day 8Seminar