New products of bioeconomy


New products of bioeconomy





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Work methods

New products of bioeconomy were one of the themes at the Joensuu pilot course. Working methods of the course were highly based on real-life case study visits. These case study visits gave students a foundation for the study outcomes of the course. In these study outcomes, students answer to the work-life connected question.   

Despite the fact that working was based on case study visits and lecture you should also provide students with some basic information before these visits. For instance, climate change and the basics of low carbon society should be covered well before visits. In addition, you should also arrange some experts speak about work methods and effective communication. After this, you can carry on to the topic-specific visits and lectures. 

At the end of the course is recommended to arrange a seminar for these presentations. It is highly recommended to invite some working life partners to this event.

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This kind of study unit has some resource demands. The most important resource demand is non-academic working life contacts. You should be able to arrange visits and lectures from experts based on each student group topic. In addition, you should also be able to arrange some experts to speak about research making and effective communication e.g. video making. 


As a study outcome, students answered the question “How we can promote new bioeconomy innovations?”. They gave their answer in two forms.  First one is a scientific poster which you can find underneath.

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The second was a more popular kind of video which you can find underneath.

An example of a study module framework

Day 1Introduction to the topic
Day 2Introduction to the work and reporting methods
Day 3Study visits and lectures
Day 4Study visits and lectures
Day 5Study visits and lectures
Day 6Working with reporting and presentations
Day 7Working with reporting and presentations
Day 8Seminar