15 May

DAY 5 – Tomorrow is the day!

In the morning we visited biogas power plant which belongs to APERGAS company. APERGAS also cooperates with energy cooperative ENERGIA. Jaume Vicens gave us a broad overview of the process of producing energy from the slurry as well as of difficulties and challenges connected with the plant. In short, the operation includes taking the material from the farm, processing it and obtaining biogas – mainly methan, which afterwards is used to produce energy and that energy is currently being utilized for the plant. Next week the system is going to be modified so as it could be possible to send the energy further.

The other interviews on Friday included a visit to the golf course and meeting with a representative of Naturaki.

Most part of the afternoon and early evening we spent on preparing the discussion and surveys for Saturday, dividing the tasks and organizing the workspace for the upcoming day.

Worth mentioning is also the idea behind our cuisine for Friday – today was a vegan day. We filled our stomachs with a delicious creamy beetroot soup, pasta and various seasonal vegetables (here just a small detail – we also utilised the food which was left from the previous days, so just to name one example – a hungry Catalan student ended up with triple portion of paeilla during the vegan dinner…).


Interview with Jaume Vicens – a designer and an engineer in the APERGAS

Digesters of waste in the plant

Vegan lunch