11 May

Discovering the landscape of the province of Girona

Today was our second day. We started our trip in the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia located in Olot. There, we went to a conference given by Josep M. Prats expert in the Garrotxa Volcanos Natural Park, he talked about the European sustainable tourism Chart in protected areas, he emphasized in its engagements and objectives. We can highlight the importance of the cooperation of all the stakeholders involved in this kind of projects.

Following our schedule, we went to EspaiZero offices. This was a great opportunity to discover innovating projects based on sustainable and removable energy. The building was really amazing! All this work place is adapted to reduce the energy consumption and the co2 emissions, it´s so technologic and environmental friendly. The owners are trying to spread this ideas and tendencies to make people conscious about the importance of adaptation and mitigation of climate change.

After lunch, we went to L´Escala, first, to the Turism Office of the City Hall for a conference with Barbara Schmidt in charge of Salveml’Emporda and Energy Sovereignty network. In this presentation we saw some ecological movements againstprojects that threats the environmental and social justice.  After that, we visited the HostalEmpúries. This is a great demonstration of sustainable tourism with farming, water and local energy . This is the first hotel in whole Europe with the LEED certification.#SustainableTourism.

We identify three main ideas this day : cooperation, networks and social empowerment.

At the end of the day each group went to their work destinations. In #Vilademuls we have the best Mel iMató dessert!#FoodScapes And be aware of the badgers!#RuralDevelopment

Author: Andrea Peralta and Alejandra gachancipa