12 May

Starting the interviews, planning the surveys and reciving information about facilitation exercices and tecniques.

The day today has been very intensive. Basically we have worked in three main issues.

First of all, we have done two interviews. We had a meeting with the president of the hotelier sector in Lloret de Mar. We had a dialog with him, and have talked about many different topics, such as the future of the tourist sector, the past of the town and its quick development, and of course, about things related with the ecofriendly and low carbon societies. We concluded that in Lloret there are many challenges for the next years which ones will need an agreement and consensus between local population, administration and tourists.


Students interviewed Josep Franch, who is president of the hotelier sector in Lloret de Mar.

Later, we interviewed Santi Escartí, who is the responsible of the “Casa del Mar”, an Environmental Association which main goal is the environmental education.

Students interviewing Santi Escartí.

While some of the participants were doing these interviews, the rest of the group were working with the survey design. This survey in thought in order to know what is the opinion of the tourists related with the tourist model developed in Lloret the Mar. And last but not least the surveys also will show us the opinion of the local population in all of the issues related with tourist and low carbon development in their town. We hope we will achieve the goals we have.

And the day continues, and in the afternoon, still 14:00 to 17:00 we have worked with Dani, who had prepared a very different activity. We put ourselves sitting in a circle and we had done different activities, such as the presentation of ourselves, the discussion of which topics everyone consider the most important in order to ask to the local people and so on. The session has been very useful because we have to prepare an open session and a dialogs for the next Monday, so it was the way to improve and learn what we should do in a session like that one.

The day has finished with the students working a little bit more in the surveys and interviews, and after with a tour in the city.

The whole group working with Dani Vidal.

Tomorrow we will have another intense day; we have to do 4 interviews with experts of different topics, and also we have to finish the surveys design.

Author: Maria Torres Bagur