12 May

What do we know about foodscape?

What do we know about foodscape? Are we going to become low-carbon landscape eaters? What does Committed Cooking mean? It is much more easier to answer on the abovementioned questions after the presentations given byEmma Soy and Arrels a Taula. All of these issues deal with the topic of organic farming, but even if we gathered a new information on this, it seems that there is no clear respond to the question Why organic farming is not so popular as it should be.

The second part of the morning session was dedicated to the Landscape Convention and how theidea of creating landscape units is implemented into reality. A very informative and interesting speeches of Pere Sala  from Landscape Observatory helped us to understand the idea of it and giving the examples of trans-border unit of La Cerdanya/La Cerdagne.

During the workshop wewere working in groups, we tried to find the solutions for the following aspects: Low-carbon performance – challenges, Tourism activities, Carbon footprint, Landscape elements – structures objectives.


After that: Go & Explore – Vilademuls bicycle tour – bike trip and a chance to visit a traditional lovely-looking Catalan house which was located in the middle of nowhere.

…and other beautiful small towns.

The last point of the trip was a visit in the town council of Vilademuls – over the small talk with Alex, the mayor of Vilademuls, many of were impressed by Alex taking care of local patrimony, local food, local landscape and localresidents. The most impressive keynote of the speech was the one how municipality takes care about developing local, organic, sustainable farming and the people are against large industrial piggery and industrial agriculture.

Surrounded by a picturesque scenery we were travelling all the afternoon. And what do you need more than the warm wind blowing your face and dispelling hair… you don’t need anything more…  maybe except well-workingbrakes when you go down from the hill 😉

The last but not least, my personal confession (Iwona): It was my first time cyclingsince 23rd of June 2011, when I had a bike-accident and after that I didn’t even touch the bicycle ever…. Now I’m going to buy a new one…

Authort: Iwona Markuszewska, Nella Waszak, Magdalena Chojnacka