Orientation of the Joensuu pilot course

The idea

Joensuu pilot course was held on the February of 2018  in the Joensuu and case study visits took students also in the nearby municipalities. Joensuu is located at the Eastern part of Finland it has said be the forest capital of Europe. For that reason, it was obvious to choose forest to be a big theme of the course.  Under this main theme, students were divided into six small group with individual low carbon topic based on the forest or living in the middle of the forest. Those themes were new products of bioeconomy, ecosystem services, wooden manufacturing, woodland management,  bioenergy and low-carbon cities and villages.


The aims of the methods in this pilot course were to give students a perspective of the work-life demands and challenges and get them working in multidisciplinary groups. Their second aim was to be able to present their outcomes to the experts but also to the general citizens in a more appealing form.   



Before participating at the Joensuu pilot course students studied a fair amount of pre-materials. In this way, they already knew the basics and it was possible to go straight to the intensive case study working on the pilot course Check these materials from underneath. 

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Work methods

The idea behind the working methods in the Joensuu pilot course was to offer students visits and lectures from working life experts. This visits helped them to answer their work life-related research question at the end of the course.  You can find these experts lectures at the end of each theme on this website.

Reporting methods

Reporting methods were based on the idea to deliver two kinds of study outcomes a scientific poster and a pitching video. 

The idea of the scientific poster was to make a presentation which is aimed at the experts. From underneath you can find more information about how to make an impressive scientific poster.

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The idea of the pitching video was to answer the same question but to make the answer more appealing to the ordinary citizen. Check here a pitching video from Virpi Virjamo how gave a lecture about pitching in Joensuu pilot course.

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Presenting methods

The presenting methods were based on seminar kind of presenting. In this seminar, students presented both of their study outcomes. The idea was that all of the experts from visits and lectures were invited to the event to woke some conversation.