07 Oct

Jaume Feliu Torrent – PhD Geography – Environmental Science

Jaume Feliu Torrent - Staff Towards Low Carbon Societies
Jaume Feliu Torrent - Staff Towards Low Carbon Societies

Position in TowardsLCS: Researcher and trainerUDG - Towards Low-Carbon Societies

Position in University: Associate Professor

Linkedin - Towards Low-Carbon Societies

He forms part of the research group Environmental and Territorial Analysis and Planning (APTA).

Jaume has focused his research on issues such as local development and the high-speed train. Also in the analysis of regional actors and governance and the development of cross-border development projects.

He has published research in various scientific publications, such as

  • High Speed-Rail in European medium-sized cities: stakeholders and urban development (Journal of Urban Development and Planning, 2012),
  • Analysis of cross-border projects between France and Spain from 2007 to 2013
  • Stakeholders and territorial impact (European Journal of Geography, 2013)
  • Geographic Information Technology and Innovative Teaching: Keys to Geography Degree Curriculum Reform ( Journal of Geography, 2014).

He also realized works of cartography and geographic dissemination as the County Atlas of Girona Region and the National Atlas of Catalonia (Cartographic Institute of Catalonia).

In the field of teaching, he taught in tourism studies, environmental sciences, and especially geography. She specializes in teaching of treatment of Cartography and Geographic Information and analysis in GIS.

He has served on the Board of the Catalan Society of Geography and is currently director of the Department of Geography.

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Academia: https://girona.academia.edu/JaumeFeliu