Waste management presentations

Low-carbon waste management actions in Poznán area

This presentation deals with waste management in Poznán area. In this presentation, you can find their methods and actions to be more low carbon. You can also find general information of waste management has been taken care of Poznán area.

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Why waste management matters?

Here you will find Poznán pilot course waste management student groups reportage based on their visits. In this presentation, you will find information about their visits but you will also find information why the waste management really matters in the context of low carbon society. You will also get some information about the current pollution situation in Europe. Check their reportage from underneath!

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Why recycle is an important topic in Poznán context?

This video is made by the waste management student group of the Poznán pilot course. In this video, they clarify their research topic but they also explain why this topic is important in the context of Poznán.