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Wooden buildings





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Why use wood instead of concrete?

Wooden buildings

What did we do?

Work methods

As work methods in wooden buildings student got first lectures on their topic and work methods.  After that, they got three days for more specific lectures on their topic, and they also had study visits e.g. at a construction site and University of Applied sciences which is doing wooden buildings concentrated research.

After visits students made seminar works based on their lectures and visits. These presentations were a form of a poster and a video. 

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This kind of study unity has some resource demands. First of all, you should organize education of effective reporting for students. For instance, poster and video making. Second, you should organize some work-related study visits and lectures from experts.


Joensuu has said to be the forest capital of Europe. There are some new wooden high rise buildings built in a Joensuu area, and the pace is slowly picking up. However, there are still some reasons which are slowing development of the wooden buildings. One of the student group of the Joensuu pilot course figures out how we can promote the building of wooden buildings, and what are the advantages of wooden buildings.

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The same student group also made a video concerning promoting wooden buildings.

An example of a study module framework

Day 1Introduction to the topic
Day 2Introduction to the work and reporting methods
Day 3Study visits and lectures
Day 4Study visits and lectures
Day 5Study visits and lectures
Day 6Working with reporting and presentations
Day 7Working with reporting and presentations
Day 8Seminar